Dual-Color “Accent” Stage Curtains (non-FR)

Our Dual-Color “Accent” Stage Curtains are the same as our Black Industrial Stage Curtains, but we put a 12” accent color on the top for cool visual effect and contrast. The black portion of these curtains are made from heavy duty Industrial Grade 600x300D 12.5 oz PVC-Backed Polyester. These curtains are not FR rated (non-Fire Retardant). The black base material, as compared to the FR rated commando material, has a strong feel to it, similar to heavy nylon. It has great color on the outside finished surface, and the PVC coating on the inside actually makes it 100% light blocking and waterproof too. Although you can get some kind of draping effect by ordering these curtains oversized, this industrial material is stiffer as compared to the soft and well draping FR Commando material. These curtains come with a finished hem with 2” wide black webbing stitched on the edge, on the front-facing side. Black grommets on the top edge, evenly spaced at 12”. Grommets can be placed on the sides for no addditional charge. We can also put fabric loops on the top edge (instead of grommets) for an additional charge. We can make any custom size so, if our standard sizes are not what you want, contact us for a quote.

Note: In some cases the accent color portion may be made from 1000D Cordura Nylon (also non-FR).

Material weight: 12.5 oz per square yard.
Example: 9 x 15 curtain = about 12 Lbs each
Example: 10 x 20 curtain = about 17 lbs each

All curtains are custom sewn and made to order. Typically, for an individual medium-sized accent color curtain (i.e. 9' x 20'), we require 3 to 5 business days to manufacture... sometimes more (or less) time is required - depending on the curtain size, quantity being ordered, and the volume of orders we are dealing with at any given time.

FREE SHIPPING to USA continental 48 states. There will be a surcharge for shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. International shipping is available, please contact us for a quote.

Need something to hang your curtains with? We offer two different styles of Curtain Track:
PVC-Extruded Curtain Hanging Track System
Galvanized Steel Curtain Hanging Track System

Due to variations in stitching, shrinking and expansion of material as a result of temperature, humidity, and typical tolerances in our textile manufacturing process... In general, we have dimensional tolerances for our curtains of +/- 0.5” or +/- 3/10 of 1% (.003), whichever is larger. For custom oversize curtains, this tolerance may be slightly larger.



Dual-Color “Accent” Stage Curtains (non-FR)

Made from 600x300D PVC Backed Polyester.
Grommets every 12" on the top.
Your choice of accent color consisting of PVC Backed Polyester or 1000D Cordura©.
Black 2" wide webbing is on the hem on all 4 sides.
This curtain is NOT fire retardant.
FREE shipping to the 48 contiguous states.

The picture shows a pair of curtains with a Royal Blue accent.

Accent Color